sys module

Core framework Console Desktop

Property Description Access Type
sys.atexit Get/set the function to call at program exit readwrite function
sys.error Get the last Windows error message readonly string
sys.currentdir Get/set current working directory readwrite string
sys.clipboard Get/set the clipboad text content readwrite string
sys.env Access the environnement variables table readonly table
Function Description Return value
sys.clock() Get elapsed time from high performance counter number
sys.exit() Exits the program -
sys.cmd() Execute an operating system command boolean
sys.halt() Logoff, shutdown or reboot the computer -
sys.fsentry() Returns a filesystem entry File | Directory
sys.tempfile() Generate a temporary File object in Windows temporary folder File
sys.tempdir() Generate a temporary Directory object in Windows temporary folder Directory Read a value from the Windows registry string
sys.registry.write() Write a value in the Windows registry boolean
Object Description
File Object representation of a single file
Pipe Manage redirection with another process, for standard input/output
Buffer Object that represent a block of memory
Directory Object for creating, moving, and enumerating through folders
Datetime Object representation of a moment in time
COM Object that represent a Windows COM Object
Task Object that represent an asynchronous task