First execution

Luart has two version of its interpreter, luart.exe for console applications and wluart.exe for desktop applications. To be sure that everything went right during the installation process, let's run Luart for the first time.

Console application

  • Open a console prompt (cmd.exe or Windows Terminal for example)
  • Change your current directory to the folder where Luart is installed
  • Type the command luart examples\net\humans.lua
  • The console should display the contents of the humans.txt file downloaded from the Google web server

Desktop application

  • Keep the console prompt open
  • Type the command wluart examples\ui\notepad.wlua
  • You should see a desktop application called "Notepad"


  • Lua scripts can be executed directly using the Winows file explorer, by double-clicking on it
  • During installation, file extensions *.lua and *.wlua are associated with luart.exe and wluart.exe interpreters respectively
  • The \bin subdirectory is added to the system PATH at installation time