console module

Core framework Console Desktop

Property Description Access Type
console.x Get/set cursor x position readwrite number
console.y Get/set cursor y position readwrite number
console.width Get console width readonly number
console.height Get console height readonly number
console.keyhit Checks if a key has been pressed readonly boolean
console.stdin Get/set console stdin standard file readwrite File
console.stdout Get/set console stdout standard file readwrite File
console.stderr Get/set console stderr standard file readwrite File
console.title Get/set console window title readwrite string
console.cursor Get/set cursor visibility readwrite boolean
console.color Get/set console foreground color readwrite string
console.bgcolor Get/set console background color readwrite string
console.echo Get/set ECHO mode for console stdout readwrite -
console.font Get/set current console font readwrite string
console.fontsize Get/set current console font size readwrite number
console.fullscreen Get/set console fullscreen mode readwrite -
Function Description Return value Read input from console.stdin string
console.readchar() Read a key from console string
console.readmouse() Read console mouse events number | string | nil
console.clear() Clear console screen -
console.readln() Read a line from console.stdin string
console.write() Write to console.stdout -
console.writeln() Write to console.stdout with newline -
console.writecolor() Write colored characters to console.stdout -
console.inverse() Swap foreground with background console color -
console.reset() Reset console colors to default -
console.locate() Set console cursor position -

Console module does not have any objects